A. which B. who C. that D. what

  3, d, they are mostly small in size。

3.At what time will the two speakers meet?

  43. murders


  33. A. It is the source of all artistic work。


  18. A. It is a fair bargain。

Bus $13.00

  20. A He worked as a salesman

C.indifferent D.optimistic

  31. B. In the city garage。

1. 可以使用实例或其他论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子。

  2, d, students performances declined。

One day while walking through the woods the nice old man found a cocoon(茧) of a butterfly. He took it home.

  5, c, their college-level test participation。

﹡Due to rising costs, the Wildlife Conservation Society reserves the right to change all fees without notice.

  6, b, their school performance was getting worse。

The community is relatively(73) rather than open to the outsiders.

  29. A. In his building’s parking lot。

In some instances, substitutes are already thought as good or better than animals,but supervising agencies have yet to catch up.In both the European Union and the U.S.,scientists and companies wanting to use the new alternative tests complain that regulatory standards for proving a drug or chemical to be safe for humans force the continued use of animals.Thus,animal-loving Americans might turn to persuading the EPA and the FDA to speed validation(确认)of new methods so that they can be more widely employed.And animal advocates who want to influence business could consider investing in the small biotech’s and large pharmaceutical(药品的)companies that are working to develop alternatives to animals in research.

  1, a, ensuring no child is left behind。

  1. Where does Michelle Ray come from?

  28. A. Social divisions will break down if people get to know each other。

C. He has led Bread for the World for more than 20 years.

  14. C. The man can dress casually for the occasion。

1.What dose the man like about the play?

  42. occur

A. Late-night shopping. B. Asian food. C. Louisville.

  24. C Transport problem

7.What will the children do in the afternoon?

  37. handle

C. It prevents the mind from working.


A Classroom With Context


Working within state guidelines, each team makes its individual schedules and lesson plans, incorporating non-textbook literature, hands-on lab work and field trips. If students are covering the Civil War in social studies, they're reading The Red Badge of Courage or some other period literature in English class. In science, they study the viruses and bacteria that caused many deaths in the war.

  7, a, maintain closer relationships with their teachers. 8. The proportion of students taking college-level exams

C. He is a smoker.


Aquarium Parking


Sept. 6 – Nov. 6 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. , Monday–Friday

  26. B. They had known each other since childhood。

48.A. guard B. raise C. provide D. manage

  32. D. The mysteriousness of creativity。

This situation continued 39 for a few months, until the owner 40 to give the homeless man a job which 41 sweeping outside the shop. Every single day from 5 am, the homeless man was there doing the very 42 he could for the 43 , even though it did earn him some pennies. 44 , the owner saw how good a job the man was doing and gave him a job working 45 a cashier. He was watched closely to make sure that he didn’t 46 any of the money received from the sales. He was still homeless, after all. The homeless man did a/an 47 job as a cashier for over 2 years, and did such a good job that he was promoted to 48 the finances for the whole shop.

  16. C. Its location。

Just off the Coney Island in Brooklyn, the New York Aquarium features more than 300 marine (海洋的) species, such as dolphins and seals. Meet some of our mammals and fish, and learn about their natural history, biology, and cultural roles.

  38. items

C. How to deal with the terrible mess made by our kids.

  17. C. Travel overseas。

  1. 以约30个词概括短文内容要点。

  44. there have been hundreds of thefts and cases of deliberate damaging of public property

With a tiresome report to write, I felt bothered at my desk. Suddenly, it occurred to me that my kids were at fault. A voice inside me insisted that I do something quickly.


B. How to blame our children in a more interesting way.


  1. It was with great excitement one morning in July ____ the young man got the news that he was admitted to the university of his choice.


A. Penguins. B. Pandas. C. Dolphins. D. Seals.

  87. hadn’t been watered for a long time。

B. researchers or top policy officials

  19. D Hosting an evening TV program

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were allowed to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. And we could never fly.

  91. the door open and the light on。


  39. Responding

---- ____.I got there 30 minutes before it finished.

  27. B. At Joe’s houses。

the school beating the state average in writing and science


例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____he or she wants.

  15. A. 100% cotton pants in dark blue。

D. people who have advanced human development

  13. C. Listening to some loud music。

  1. The moment I completed the 3000-meter race in the school sports meet, my legs _______.

  9. a look at many different measures


  4, d, some large schools have split up into smaller ones。

There is a small shop about 200 meters from where I live that sells groceries, meat and other basic necessities. About 10 years ago, there was a beggar who would go into the shop every day and ask the owner for a 36 . The owner, 37 he would love to help, simply didn’t have any jobs available, so he kept 38 the man’s request.

  12. D. She is tired of the food in the canteen。

29.---When did you last hear ____ Jay?

  11. D. Discussing a house plan。

A. Change the plan B. Wait for a phone call. C. Sort things out.

  23. B It remains a major of industrial activity

D. help the disabled visitors

  88. one thousand pounds cheaper than mine。

A. Spain B. Italy C. China

  34. D. Creative imagination。

school Being a farming town,it(71) little in education before.

  46. A better way to solve this problem might be for all of us to be more careful with our things。

We have to search for our “best self” when with our children. They don't need perfect parents, but they do need parents who are always trying to get better. Here, I'm reminded of the words of a great thinker, “When a man lives with God, his voice shall be as sweet as the murmur of the brook…” Then, in our lifetime, couldn't we always speak to our kids in such a sweet voice since most of us consider them as the most precious in the world? And before we reach this level, what should we do when we come across various difficult cases with our children?


38.A. expecting B. considering C. accepting D. refusing


49.A. knowledge B. mind C. scare D. joy

  40. emergencies

C.Animal-fights militants D.Scientists Alan and Thomas

  25. D Measures to create job opportunities。

51.A. thought B. purpose C. request D. suggestion

  21. B He wanted to be his own boss

  1. Why does Jo Luck receive the prize?


A. You can visit the New York Aquarium at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas.

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Since 2002, Gaul's students have been divided into four classes, each of them taught almost every subject by two teachers. The goal: To find common threads across disciplines to help students create a big picture that gives fresh meaning and context to their classwork -- and sparks motivation for learning.

  92. have been translated into many languages。

﹡Children under 3 years old are free!

  10. tackle tough subjects under the guidance of gifted teachers



A. when B. who C. that D. which


The New York Aquarium (水族馆) offers a diverse collection and nice viewing experience for all our guests. Whether you’re observing penguins on their rocky coastline home or swimming underwater, looking at a coral reef (珊瑚礁) under the water, or cheering on California sea lions at the theater, you’ll find plenty to see and do during your visit. Your underwater adventure is waiting for you! This summer, head out to Coney Island to learn about the underwater world at the New York Aquarium.

  36. calculators

A. Under her leadership, people develop roads and build schools.

  41. rarely




  35. A. It is part of everyday life。


  45. Things get stolen when it’s easy to steal them, because they are left lying around unwatched。


  90. as well listen to the music。

50.A. got tired B. became old C. passed away D. gave up

  22. A They are all the man’s friends

  1. What does the woman suggest smoking parents should do?

  30. A. It had been stolen by someone。

33.As a new graduate, he doesn’t know _______ it takes to start a new business.

A. It is very useful. B. It makes things worse.

  1. Six adults (including a man of 68) and two children (aged 2 and 10) are going to visit the New York Aquarium on Sunday. They will have to pay ______________ at least.


Groups (at least ten visitors) $8.00

  1. Why does the man say that he should keep away from babies?
  1. Jennifer is always absent from school,__I suppose is why she is blamed now and
  1. What are the speakers talking about in general?

A. A middle-sized city. B. A small town. C. A big city.


A strong(76) between teacher and student is established through

36.A. coin B. home C. job D. meal

Ways of solving

10.How did the woman get to know about third-hand smoke?

A. don’t worry B. it doesn’t matter C. enjoy yourself D. take your time

Spring hours


D.we should protect animals from being killed casually

﹡All Aquarium buildings and exhibits are wheelchair-accessible.

Need I let them know how badly they were acting by blaming? This is a lesson that serves myself. It only shows just how to get rid of something(ill-feelings, responsibility)by blaming others. It's not my “best self”.

Heifer International provides donated animals and training to farmers in 50 countries. Jo Luck remains president until next year. Under her leadership, the group’s budget grew from less than 10,000,000 dollars to more than 130,000,000 dollars. Jo Luck, “People pass on their gifts of not just animals but also gifts of training and leadership. We have seen cases where we have been gone 5 and 10 years and we go back and they have developed roads and built schools, and they have other communities receiving the animals and the training. You just give them those resources and that training and opportunity, and you cannot hold them back.” She told the story of a woman from a poor village in Zimbabwe. A family member helped send her to school in the United States with earnings from a donated milk goat. She received a doctoral degree. Jo Luck, “That is what a goat did. That is one example. The animal is only the catalyst(催化剂). That is the beginning of many other things that follow.”

4.What will the man do?

62.According to the passage the author will __________in another similar situation.

68.Accordingly, the animal-rights militants hold the view that_____.

A. allowed B. permitted C. agreed D. admitted

To my 49 , this was the arrangement up until 2 years ago, when the owner 50 . In his will, he only had one 51 , to give the whole shop to the now stable, “homeless” man. Now, I could walk into that shop and see him working as hard as 52 , with his own business that is still 53 and active 10 years after getting his job as a sweeper.

Scientists Alan M.Goldberg and Thomas Hartung describe recent advances in replacing the use of animals in toxicology(毒物学)testing.Improvements in cell and tissue culture technologies,for example,allow a growing number of tests to be performed on human cells alone.Computer models are becoming increasingly complex and many could one day become more accurate than trials in living animals.

Please note:


第二节 (共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)

A. Not exactly B. Not really C. Not a little D. Not at all

  1. What has David Beckmann done to deserve the prize?

C. avoid blaming kids in a hurry D. beat them up about such things

C. From some smoking parents.

C. He was frightened by a terrible dream.

C. Visitors can enjoy free parking service on Friday.

69.What’s the main idea of the passage?

I really hadn't meant to yell at them. But that gray afternoon saw it just as my son and daughter were making a terrible mess on the floor in the kitchen.

Fall hours

A. safe and sound B. safely and sound

A. From young smokers. B. From a newspaper article.

41.A. meant B. involved C. included D. trained

May 28 – Sept. 5 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. , Monday–Friday

10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. , Weekends & Holidays


Total Experience Ticket

A. play a crab again like this time B. apologize to kids in a sincere way

Friday Afternoon Special

---He phoned me this morning, and we agreed ____ a time and place to meet.

“OK, you two here, but what an awful thing you are attempting!” shouting angrily, I made for them, while it became evident that the boy wanted no part of me. “Get away from us!” he shouted back, there being expression of support from his sister.

D. To enjoy the group rate, visitors must make a reservation at least two weeks in advance by sending an e-mail.

22.---May I look at the menu for a little while?

C. the kids didn't ask him to join them D. he was tired of his boring work


B. A visitor in a wheelchair can get around at the New York Aquarium.


A. How to behave ourselves properly when kids are at fault.

39.A. again B. often C. weekly D. daily

﹡To receive the group rate, you must make a reservation at least two weeks in advance of your group’s visit. Please call 718-741-1818.

D. How to persuade children to do what they are told to.

例:How much is the shirt?

A. The Zen Garden B. The Highlands C. The Red River area.

60.The author couldn't help yelling at his kids this time probably because___________.


A. that B. this C. it D. one

B. She has served Heifer International for almost 20 years.

﹡For further information, please call 718-265-3454.


A.A hotel. B. A bank C.A restaurant.

Child (Ages 3-12) $14.00

34.This restaurant has become popular for its wide _______ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets.

(2) 叙述当前父母溺爱子女的现象和由此造成的后果;

2.Which place are the speakers trying to find?

A. A family holiday B. A business trip C. A travel plan

(72) education is considered less important.

the problems The division of classes is made and students are well(74) .

20.Why do some people turn off their dreams completely?